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The miniature DVC “NS” (Non Structural) Blocks were designed for educational fun & games
DIY Prototying with scalability in mind

Whatever shape you design with the mini DVC “NS” Blocks translates well into the real world.
Create Real Life Size Buildings with the DeVicci HD Blocks!


Visit our Gallery for a visual side by side demonstration of both blocks and how they interact together.

NEW Eco-friendly Construction Method

DVC Blocks Video

DeVicci Blocks 1st Video – 2016

DeVicci “Heavy Duty” Blocks have larger cavity sizes (5″ x 6.5″)
allowing heavier load capacities for foundations and building higher walls

DVC “NS” Full Corner

DVC “NS” Full Block

HD Full Block

HD Full Corner

The Patent Pending DeVicci Blocks offer a quick and easy way to raise buildings that help contractors and site developers meet their project timelines


We”ve put great effort in simplifying the ICF construction process. We’re convinced that ICF walls offer superior quality for many reasons which are described on this website.

Our Energy Efficient Sealed Perimeter Walls offer increased Energy savings due to the absence of Thermal Bridging. Compare

Consuming Less Energy STARTS with High Efficiency Perimeter Walls

Superior Structure Strength: 

The concrete filled walls are based on a modular “Posts & Beam” technique, which compared to ICF panels require less concrete and have more insulation in between posts yielding a greater R-Value

There’s absolutely no chances of “Blowouts” caused by the concrete pump pressure.

* Structural Strength
* Durability
* Air / water tight sealed perimeter walls
* High “R” Value
* Fire retardant
* Hurricane / impact resistant (Hail)
* Inorganic Materials / Will Not Rot
* No Condensation buildup inside walls
* Anti-Bacterial, Mold Resistant Hypoallergenic properties
* Blocks Rodents, Insects, Termites from penetrating inside walls
* Less Tools / Cutting involved than regular ICF panels
* Minimal jobsite waste

* Blocks can be glued or screwed together to maintain straight horizontal lines
* Service holes for Cable Passages every 12 inches (30.5 cm)
* Several Construction Steps in one single operation
* Light weight
* Silent Jobsite
* Reduced Jobsite Errors
* Visually Appealing Aesthetic Finish

*DeVicci Block Shells and its Rigid Insulation are made in part from recycled plastics

Add-ons / Plugins will be supplied that integrate the DeVicci Blocks with CAD Software resulting in a quick and easy workflow for Architects. Create new designs or convert existing designs to “Fit” our Block dimensions. Minimize errors between the drawing board and the Jobsite.
See the “The Science” page to learn more about the knowledge & research behind  the DeVicci Blocks.
Be sure to check our “Block Types” page to see the complete list of Blocks inventory.