DVC NS Blocks

Miniature scale size NS blocks for various applications. Convert mini designs into “Real” Full Size homes & buildings.

Mini “NS” scales are ideal for;

Hobbyists, Model Enthusiasts, Educational, Next-Gen Builders, Unleash Creativity, Reproduce existing Buildings / create new designs, Building Contractors / Client Presentations, Architects / Plans Designers can convert Plans to fit DVC blocks’ fixed dimensions.
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“NS” Uses & Applications

NS Blocks are Hollow, Not Insulated and are Not Structural.

NS Miniature Blocks; The various scaled down sizes makes the “NS” Culture like fun & games, allowing kids and adults to build all sorts of shapes. It’s a great way to nurture kids’ imagination, developing a passion and possibly becoming future Home Builders or Architects… who knows where their curiosity may lead them to?

Furthermore, constructing with “NS” blocks is very similar to building Real Life Size buildings using DeVicci “HD” Blocks (with the help of trained technicians). “HD” blocks are insulated and ready for concrete filling which makes the structure ultra-durable with a very high R-Value.


The miniatures also allow Professionals and Auto-Builders to create miniature projects for an eventual Full Scale “HD” build, do a manual block count, fill-in the “Inventory file” (xls template) *insert jpg model in the xls file

Other practical uses of the “NS” Full Scale Blocks may include building full or half walls with/without windows for Recording Studio or Office dividers, TV set Decors, Custom Designed Expo Booths, Temporary Shelters, Military Simulations etc.

Advantages of DVC “NS” Blocks

Minimal Tape Measuring. Using your tape to measure pieces is one of the biggest time wasters on a jobsite. Our fixed dimension blocks and starter tracks make it easy to do a visual calculation, if you can multiply by 2 you’re all set.

NS Applications

– TV Decors
– Expo booths
– Contractors; Need to test new shapes? Do a “block count”? explain the building process to clients?
– Auto builders; Building the structure / walls is usually the most complex part of building a home, we’ve simplified this process.
– Schools, Education, Kids “Hands on” Game, Wanna be Contractors